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Lucky Duck Revolt Electronic Caller get Ricks Killers Chapter 1, Also including Rick's Favorites and some Full Length Hunts

Price: $429.99
Item Number: RV17ECall
The Revolt includes all the features of the Revolution except for the HD video camera. Additional features include a tweeter speaker and four different remote channels, which allow four different sounds to be played at the same time. This feature allows predator callers to use one remote to control multiple callers and broaden the sounds path. There is also a remote controled rotational base that lets you broadcast sound 360 degrees.
The Revolt has 100 preloaded sounds, including predator, crow and snow geese.
Runs on 10 AA batteries and the remote runs on 3 AA batteries (not included). 

Order from the Verminator and get Rick's Killers Chapter 1
*Also including Rick's Favorites and a Full Length Hunts Folders*

Preview of Sounds

Coyote Fights

Fight Club
OK Corral
OK Corral No Bark

Coyote Ugly


Breed Fights- Estrus

Estrus Chirps 3

Female Whimper 3

Talkin Dirty

Twisted Sisters

Stuck Fight

Sniff it

Estrus Chirps 1

Breeding 3 Some


Proudfoot Serenade

Syco Serenade

Mom & Pups Serenade

Little Pup Serenade

Pup Serenade


Pup Howls-Whines

Little Pup Howl 1
Little Pup Howl 2
Pup Whines
Pup Growlin
 Pups Bickering
Pup Howl 1 Pup Howl 2


Long Howls
MRT 1LH Male

Sook 1LH Female

Star 1LH Female

Syco 1LH Female

Vic 1LH Male

Chub 1LH Male

Interrogation Howl
Jr 1IH Male

Pair Howl 1

Vic 1IH Male

Vic 2IH Male

Star 2IH Female

Challenge Howl
Syco Spun up

Female Challenge

Male Challenge

Group Challenge

Pup Fights – Distress
Pee-Wee Loco

Schoolyard Brawl

Pup Pillage

Pup Detention

Pup Chaos

Pup Barking

Pissy Pups

Section 8
High Pitch
Skid Row
Silly Rabbit
Lucky Cottontail
Bugs Bunny
Syco Cottontail
Soft Tail
TNT Loud
Shelterbelt Loud
Cottonbawl Loud


Jack Rabbit

Old Jack

Squeaky Jack

Whimpy Jack

Little Jack

Syco Jack

BB Cotton-Jack

BB Cott Demise

BB Cott Freak

BB Jack Deep

BB Cott Jacked

BB Jack HiPitch


Kangaroo Rat

Stinky Rat

Prairie Dog

Pack Rat

Syco Bird

Hen Pheasant 1

Hen Pheasant 2

Woodpecker 1

Rooster Pheasant

Lucky Pecker

Dirty Bird

Raccoon Distress

Itty-Bitty Raccoon

Raccoon Pup

Raccoon Distress 2

Kitty Kitty

Lost Kitty

Feral Cat Distress

B B Bobcat


Other Sounds
Meat Bawl

Fawn Distress

Calf Bawls

Siren 1

Coyote Barks

Red Fox Distress

Crow/ Snow Goose
Rowdy Crows

Lone Crow

Crow Gathering

Crow Distress

Crow Battle

Snow Goose 13DP

Snow Goose 12DP

Snow Goose 6DP

Snow Goose 5DP

Snow Goose 2DP


Product Reviews

(65 Ratings, 20 Reviews) Average Rating:
couldnt have had a better experience
kyle ward (Kingdom City, MO) 3/4/2021 2:16 PM
great customer service. fast response when i had questions. arrived at my house the day after i ordered it. awesome sounds and sound clarity. if you're in the market for a call, get a lucky duck and buy from rick. its a no brainer.
Lucky duck calls
Merle Davis (Cedar city utah ) 1/12/2021 11:17 PM
This is the best call I have ever had the best sound library out there and a very great staff they are amazing thank you Rick and your staff the best there is
great call
Larry Blankenship (Missouri) 11/29/2020 4:18 PM
the call is only as good as the sounds that comes out of it. I have had this call for 9 months no issues and my coyote kills have went up. great sounds great quality and great customer service. thank you rick!
Best of the best !!
Eric Winget (Decatur Indiana ) 8/15/2020 9:35 AM
From day one seeing a friend call them in i had to get the same one he as and i have called in alot of coyotes. And deer at that lol.the lucky cottontail works the best in the Woods i have been hunting. Hell i thot of making a cage for it so they can't run off with the call in there mouth. If anyone likes or love to hunt this call is a must to have they did a great job of making it and i am going on my 2 yr hunting with it and still works like it came out of the box.
Terry Lightle (Okla) 5/10/2020 5:07 PM
Best there is from the best Thanks Rick
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